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Welcome to our brand-new Major Craft UK blog.

For those who don’t know, Major Craft are one of the largest Japanese lure rod manufacturers supplying
rods to distributors all over the world. From Seabass to chalk stream trout they cover a vast array of
disciplines all with the modern lure angler in mind.
On top of the huge selection of rods Major Craft have built a large portfolio of lures, braids and
accessories which we will put to the test throughout 2019.

In this blog we aim to highlight not only the products but also the methods associated, and to follow
our team of contributors on their lure fishing adventures around the UK and beyond.
We have assembled a team of specialists and enthusiasts who will be sharing their knowledge of
UK bass from shore and boat, boat jigging, HRF and LRF plus, perch, pike, chub, trout and salmon.
We are also very lucky to have a number of destination anglers who will share their experiences of fishing
abroad from the cold waters of Norway and the northern pacific to the balmy climbs of the Caribbean,
Indian ocean and south pacific.

Hopefully we will be able to enthuse those who need it and help those that are pondering questions such
as “Where, When and How”.
We are still seen as the new distributors of MC in the UK having only taken over at the end of 2017 a
matter of just 17 months but “Wow” what an incredible journey so far!

The highlight, being instrumental in the production of the new Triplecross EU Custom Seabass range
which although only came out at the end of September last year looks to be a worthy successor to the
award winning Skyroad. We are already planning our next custom MC rods for Saltwater, Freshwater
and destination fishing so watch this space!

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